Whiskey barrel table and chairs:

Asking: $245 (I can’t even begin to judge the value of this set.) [No longer available]
Condition: Apparently pretty good.
Location: Capitol Heights, MD
Thoughts: Is it possible to look at this set without smiling? I don’t think so.

Check ’em out.

Camel side table:

Asking: $25 (Not bad.) [No longer available]
Condition: Hard to tell.
Location: Falls Church, VA
Thoughts: It’s kind of awkwardly shaped, but it’s so charming! And it’s from Cairo, if you’re trying to look well-traveled.

Check it out.

8’8″ floral sofa:

Asking: $165 (So good, if you can handle it. Can you handle it?) [No longer available]
Condition: Sadly, it does have a hole in the arm, but with all the pattern you might never notice it. Plus it appears that it comes with two small arm pillows, so you could sacrifice one of those to patch the hole. Otherwise the fabric looks like it’s in pristine condition.
Location: Capitol Heights, MD
Thoughts: Oh-em-gee, aside from the arm hole, it’s pretty incredible. It’s over eight and a half feet long. Talk about a statement piece. It is possibly too awesome–I don’t know what else you could possibly put in a room with it–but awesome nonetheless. But I really want someone I know to own this. Real bad.

Check it out.