If you’ve been following along, these will probably all be obvious, but I figured I might as well share some of my favorite CL search terms:

  1. “Campaign” — I just really like this style of furniture. I wish there was more of it, but it’s mostly the same (overpriced) pieces that get reposted every day. However, there is this bedroom set that’s not too bad:

    Asking: $500 for the set; or $125 for each of the 2 nightstands, $250 for the armoire, $250 for the dresser [No longer available]
    Condition: “Great condition,” solid wood construction, dovetail joints, etc.
    Dimensions: Nightstands: 24″ wide, 17″ deep, 22″ high; Armoire: 38″ wide, 18.5″ deep, 55″ high; Dresser: 70″ wide, 18.5″ deep, 30″ high
    Location: Owings Mills, MD
    Thoughts: I’d probably just go for the nightstands and dresser and try to negotiate a better price.
  2. “Bamboo” — I don’t even know if bamboo is still cool (it was everywhere for a while, but not so much anymore), but I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever tire of it. This pair of chairs is a pretty good example of why:

    Asking: $150 (but stresses that price is negotiable!) [No longer available]
    Condition: Not provided
    Dimensions: Not provided
    Location: Rosslyn, VA
    Thoughts: They may not seem that exciting as-is, but imagine them in a glossy black, reupholstered.
  3. “Elephant” — I don’t know why I search for elephants so regularly, but I do. And sometimes other animals. It’s weird, yes, but if I didn’t, I might have missed this pair of BUFFEs (go here if you need a definition):

    Asking: $85 [No longer available]
    Condition: Not provided
    12″ long, 14″ high
    Location: Clifton, VA
    Such fun colors!
  4. “Hollywood Regency” — I don’t think anyone would be surprised that I have an affinity for other-the-top, statement pieces, and HR is good for that. Unfortunately, there’s not much on the local CL today (if you want to trek to Annapolis, there’s a bit more), but I am digging this lamp (which may or may not technically be HR, but I really don’t care):

    Asking: $175 [No longer available]
    “Very good,” some tarnish on the brass, some discoloration on the shade. Oh, and the lamp works.
    Dimensions: With the shade, it’s 41″ tall and 17″ in diameter
    Location: Georgetown, DC
    Thoughts: Gorgeous shade of blue. And they make a very good case for the price.
  5. “Chinoiserie” — This never turns up much, but I always like what I find. For instance, this console table:

    Asking: $185 [No longer available]
    Condition: Not provided
    Dimensions: 54″ wide, 16″ deep, 27″ high
    Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
    Thoughts: I’m not positive I like the top, but I love the corner details.

There are many, many more, I assure you, but I’ll have to save the other search terms for another day. I’m sleepy!