Like everyone else who reads design blogs, I’m completely obsessed with Bailey’s new house in Austin. She’s got the best eye and brings whimsy and sophistication together like nobody else. As I’ve been studying her work with a magnifying glass, I’ve realized that one thing that makes her designs stand out is her choice of light fixtures. Okay, also her choice of wallpaper, tile, furniture, paint colors and everything else–but still, the light fixtures are awesome. Like this pretty lady she used in her new dining room:

It’s killing me with it’s delightful girliness. However, it’s Venetian glass or something, so if I start saving now, I might be able to afford it when I’m like 427. So I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Of course, I started looking through CL’s options, and though none of them are of the caliber of the pink beauty in Bailey’s dining room, there are some decent options. All of the following would be a substantial step up from the builders’ grade or ’80s fixtures you’re probably living with now:

Ballard Designs orb 6-light chandelier:

Asking: $325
Condition: Brand new.
Dimensions: 23″ in diameter, 23.5″ high
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: They paid $448 including shipping, only to find it was too big for their space. It’s one of those “our loss is your gain” kind of offers. Plus, the shape is similar to the vintage (and let’s face it, much cooler) piece Bailey has in her guest bedroom.

Check it out. No longer available.

Sputnik chandelier:

Asking: $350
Condition: Mint condition.
Dimensions: Not provided.
Location: Bethesda, MD
Thoughts: Annoyingly, this person gives virtually no helpful information. BUT it’s an iconic, funky design and I like the bulbs. I don’t know the value of this particular design (there are lots of Sputnik chandeliers), but I did see that one was listed on AT a while back for significantly less, so maybe you could negotiate.

Check it out. No longer available.

Woven bamboo chandelier:

Asking: $55 Reduced to $45
Condition: Perfect condition.
Dimensions: 24″ in diameter, 25″ high
Location: Dupont Circle
Thoughts: This is an IKEA piece, so it’s not like the $55 price tag is that great a deal, but as far as I can tell it’s no longer available and originally sold for $90, so it I think it’s share-worthy. (FYI: Here’s another IKEA option, the one YHL used in their bedroom that’s being sold for $40.)

Check it out.

Green vine chandelier:

Asking: $100
Condition: Not described; looks fine to me.
Dimensions: Not provided.
Location: Fairfax, VA
Thoughts: I’m waffling over this one, but I think if the picture was better lit and it was used in a non-cheesy space, it would work. In some ways it’s like a way less cool version of the piece that Bailey’s using in her entryway.

Check it out. No longer available.

Rainbow chandelier:

Asking: $150
Condition: New in box.
Dimensions: Not provided. (But assuming it’s from UO: 21.5″ in diameter, 23″ high)
Location: Germantown, MD
Thoughts: It’s kind of over-the-top, but could take center stage in a nursery or a teenager’s room. I think it was originally from Urban Outfitters for not much more than what they’re asking for here, but it’s no longer available, so it might be worth the money. Still, I’d try to negotiate it down a bit.

Check it out. No longer available.

Glass and acrylic chandelier:

Asking: $60
Condition: Not described; looks fine to me.
Dimensions: 16″ high; 18″ in diameter
Location: Woodbridge, VA
Thoughts: I’m pretty sure Emily Henderson would make this work. It would be super easy for it to come out looking dated though.

Check it out. No longer available.

Starburst lamp:

Asking: $75
Condition: Great condition.
Dimensions: Not provided.
Location: Capitol Hill
Thoughts: Supposedly it’s valued at $175, but who the hell really knows whether that’s true. I wish they’d included the measurements; it’s impossible to tell if it’s tiny or decently sized for hanging. Regardless, I think it’s got a cool Moroccan vibe going for it without being over-the-top.

Check it out. No longer available.