Vintage 1950s sofa:

Asking: $150 or best offer [No longer available]
Condition: Not described, but it’s from the ’50s so it’s bound to look, you know, 60 years old.
Dimensions: Not provided; it’s just described as “very large.”
Location: Springfield, VA
Thoughts: OK, maybe this is a disaster in person, but I think it looks like it’s got good bones. I like the tufting and general shape of it. I don’t like the color of the upholstery, but if it really is well-made, it would totally be worth recovering it (in navy blue or kelly green velvet, if you ask me). Keep in mind, of course, that reupholstery isn’t cheap, and you’ll probably need upwards of 22 yards of fabric for this guy. I still think he could be worth it though… Also, I actually think you could score him for next to nothing or maybe even nothing. Here’s why: 1. The seller listed it in the “Antiques” section as opposed to the “Furniture” section, which I think was a bad move. and 2. In one posting they listed it as $150, but on another they said “best offer” and explained that it must move this week. Plus, they have another listing of free furniture (which doesn’t include this sofa), so I’m thinking they’re moving. If I’m right, they’re desperate to get rid of it!

Check it out.