And if it is, I may splurge on one of these items:

Restoration Hardware roll arm sofa:

Asking: $1000 [No longer available]
Condition: New condition; a year old
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Northern VA
Thoughts: This might not be a legit post (no pics of the actual item; vague location; no dimensions or details in general), but I really, really want it to be. An English roll arm sofa is basically my absolute favorite kind of sofa.

Check it out.

Bernhardt sofa:

Asking: $1000 [No longer available]
Condition: Brand new
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Woodly Park, DC
Thoughts: It doesn’t give me the fluttery feeling in my stomach that the RH sofa does, but it’s definitely an above-average option. It’s neutral and classic and presumably comfy.

Check it out.

Lee roll arm sofa:

Asking: $800 [No longer available]
Condition: Great condition
Dimensions: 72″ long
Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Thoughts: I love the shape obviously, but I’m not sure about the fabric. They describe it as taupe, but on my computer it looks pretty yellow-y, and while I’m not exactly anti-yellow, it’s not really a “me” color and it wouldn’t go with anything I own. Also, chenille? I don’t know if I could do chenille. I guess I could plan on reupholstering it down the road, but I don’t think I could afford $800 + the cost of upholstering a large piece right now. Hmm…

Check it out.

Thoughts? Advice? This could all turn out to be one giant moot point, so I won’t lose sleep over it.