I’m in the process of moving here:

The Parkfairfax neighborhood in Alexandria

That’s not my actual building, but it gives you an idea of what the neighborhood is like: historical condos with lots of green space. It’s protected on the National Register of Historic Places, which I love because it means they can never tear down and rebuild. The charm of the neighborhood stays. The apartment I’m renting is a one-bedroom, in very good condition, but not fully renovated. There are a few quirky things that I don’t love, but for the most part, I’m thrilled about the space. I’m also thrilled that I’m about a block away from a pedestrian bridge over 395 that takes me straight here:

The Shirlington Village neighborhood in Arlington

Shirlington is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the metro area. It’s got great restaurants (The Carlyle, Aladdin’s Eatery, Shirlington Thai, Capital City Brewing, Busboys and Poets–just to name a few), good bars, some cute shops, a Harris Teeter, a movie theater, a live theater and  a library–everything I could ever want. Parts of it have been there for a very long time, and newer parts were added well, so it doesn’t look like it was dropped out of the sky (a pet peeve of mine with many newer developments). I was pretty sure I wanted to be in or near Shirlington, so I’m really happy with the proximity of my new place.

It’s a million degrees here today (ok, technically “just” 103 right now), so I’m taking it easy on the moving. I’ve emailed about this sofa:

Actually, I’ve emailed twice–and have yet to hear back, so I think it’s not going to happen, sadly. I’m extra sad because–even though I don’t love the fabric–one of my favorite designers (Lauren Liess) scored the same sofa off CL a few years back and had it reupholstered into one of favorite sofas in one of my favorite living rooms of all time:

(I wish I could find a better picture!) It would have been glorious. But alas, it was not meant to be. C’est la vie. CL is constantly updating, so I’ll find something soon.

I did however, successfully contact another seller about this shelving unit:

I’ll be picking it up tomorrow for $65. I’m feeling pretty great about that. Imagine it styled like this:


Or this:

It shall be lovely. Trust.

More updates and general CL finds to come soon!