*None of the items in this post are in the D.C. area. They’re all from the Cleveland, Ohio Craigslist page.*

My dear friend Coreen, who is always incredibly supportive and is also currently carrying around two small human beings in her belly, challenged me to find some good stuff on CL in Cleveland, where she lives. Since she probably is the kindest person I’ve ever met, I figure this is a pretty small way to say “Thank you!” and “Congratulations!” (the twins should be popping out any second now).

Coreen, Cleveland’s CL is not the wasteland that you think! Look at all of these fun things I found for $100 or less (two-fifths are under your “guilt number”):

Adorable gold and glass tea cart — $30 [No longer available]:

Awesome vintage wicker/rattan room divider — $85 [No longer available]:

Charming chandelier with leaf/twig motif — $40 [No longer available]:

Pair of funky 70s chairs with chrome bases — $95 [No longer available]:

 Bunk beds for when the twins are a little older — $95 [No longer available]:

Blue lockers$100 $75 [No longer available]:

Twin sized wicker headboard (for Selah?) — $25 (!!) [No longer available]:

Cute patio set (spray paint it black) — $50 [No longer available]:

Matching mirrors in a cool shape — $50 [No longer available]:

Pair of sweet little bistro chairs — $35 [No longer available]:

Set of 6 bamboo folding chairs (one of my fave design bloggers has these in yellow) — $125 [No longer available]: 

Super saturated (and expensive, unfortunately) Oriental rug — $250 [No longer available]:

Vintage steamer trunk — $55 [No longer available]: