I’m currently camped out at my parents’ house watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and I’m forced to admit that living without a TV isn’t especially practical. As much as I like the idea of devoting my evenings to better things than watching television, tonight proves that there are times when I really want to park my butt in front of the telly.

Unfortunately, TVs and–typically–their accompanying furniture are kind of ugly. And my one-bedroom apartment doesn’t afford the luxury of a den that’s separate from the “formal” living room. I’ve decided that if I have to put a TV in my main living space, it’s gotta be on something better than a standard media cabinet. I doubt either of these will make the final cut, but here are the two best options I’ve seen thus far:

Antique china chest:

Asking: $300 [No longer available]
Condition: Great condition
Dimensions: 55″ high, 58″ wide, 21″ deep
Location: Vienna, VA
Thoughts: Probably too tall, but the detailing is nice.

Check it out.

Vintage Chinese elm cabinet:

Asking: $400 [No longer available]
Condition: Solid (but looks vintage, obv)
Dimensions: 32″ high, 48″ wide, 14″ deep
Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: I kind of love this. Sigh. (Another red Asian option, a little more expensive, but also cool.)

Check it out.