Remember me? Probably not.

You don’t want to know how many CL finds I’ve bookmarked and let expire without sharing them with you. I know, I know. I won’t go into how busy I’ve been, because everyone I know is busy, so it’s not much of an excuse. But a couple people have asked for updates on my place, and since my bedroom really has been consuming a lot of my time lately, I’ll oblige. Today’s really overcast, so the lighting sucks and some of the pics are really blurry–sorry about that, but I’m on my lunch break, so I’m short on time. These are obviously mid-project, but I’m happy with how the changes are going:

I decided not to do an upholstered headboard. I like my antique bed fine for now, and honestly, I’d like to finish the room sometimes this year… Wall color is Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue, which I’m obsessed with now, though it did require four coats and three gallons, so I wasn’t thrilled with it during the actual painting process. The art I picked up at a local antique/vintage store for $120 for the pair. Not super cheap, but a decent deal for a set of framed prints.

There you can see the curtains as they actually look, because the picture below is way dark. They make me so happy!

In case you’re wondering, they’re just barely wide enough to close. They look bad when they’re closed, but I’m okay with that since I only close them to sleep. You might also notice that there’s a random piece of IKEA glass below the window. I guess I accidentally stole that when I bought the Malm dresser below. I didn’t realize until I got home that there were two pieces stuck together because of their shrink wrap. Sorry, IKEA. I’ll return it next time I’m in the neighborhood…

That’s the IKEA Malm dressing table. I paired that with the dresser because they are the exact same height and I wanted it to feel like a continuous piece against the long wall. Annoyingly, the glass for the two pieces looks different, so it’s not as smooth a transition as I’d hoped for, but c’est la vie. The mirror is a placeholder. I haven’t been able to find something I love yet, so I’m borrowing this from my parents. The standing lamp is from Urban Outfitters. I need a vanity chair, but CL has been failing me.

Yup, there’s a big random dresser in the middle of the floor. I was using that before I bough and assembled (by myself!) the IKEA pieces. Two pulls have fallen off, but it’s the dresser my dad grew up with, so I always kind of liked it for that reason. I don’t, however, like it sitting in the middle of my floor. I’m currently waiting for space to open up in my parents’ garage. On the random dresser, you might notice a random brass sconce. I got a pair from Urban Outfitters and need to install them around my bed. Yesterday, I purchased a TV and DVD player. I don’t like having a TV in the bedroom, but there really isn’t a spot in the living room that makes sense; it would either have to be on the wall facing the front door–so it would be the very first thing you saw–or it would have to block windows. I figured this was the least of all evils. I’m not getting cable, so this is really just for watching movies, and that’s kind of nice to do from bed. I have art that will be hung around the TV, gallery-style. The screen is on lone from my parents. It’s awesome.

I also have this piece, my first nude, that needs to be hung as well. I’m including this pic mostly just because it’s the best representation of what the wall color really looks like.

As you might notices, I don’t actually have any CL finds in this room yet. But that’ll change tonight, when I pick up these two vintage leather chairs that will be placed at the foot of my bed:

They’re $175 for the pair, and I found sets of these chairs available online for $350-$400 a chair, and couldn’t find any in this great color. Their main purpose will be to serve as a surface to place shams and decorative pills when I sleep, but I also want to have some seating available in there, in case I invite someone over to watch a movie. I don’t want the only option to be watching from bed! That could send the wrong message… ;)

Sorry for the rushed post!