Confession: I’ve spent way more time perusing the Missed Connections pages of CL than the furniture lately. I realize that makes me a bit of a weirdo, but they’re seriously easy to get sucked into! About a month ago, I had my first (and currently only) “Missed Connection” encounter, where afterward I regretted not exchanging numbers or contact information. I actually posted a Missed Connection ad (you all probably think I’m at unspeakable levels of weird now …), but alas, nothing came of it. I mean, some random emails from strangers who were not The Stranger came of it, but I’m not quite that weird, so I ignored those. But even after my hopes of finding my Stranger subsided, I was still hooked on Missed Connections. The postings are fascinating, and I have this bizarre hope that I’ll see one that refers to someone I know.

Anyway, this was my first foray back into furniture, and these pieces caught my eye:

Bolivian blanket ottoman:
Furbish Ottoman

Asking: $250 [No longer available.]
Condition: Excellent; only a few month old
Dimensions: 32″ wide x 20″ high x 27″ deep
Location: Dupont, DC
Thoughts: I love these South American blankets because I’m a huge fan of stripes, they’ve always got great colors and they’re perfectly imperfect. And the well-traveled look is always a bonus too. This ottoman is pricy, but unique and cool. It’s also from every blogger’s favorite store.

Check it out.

Tan Plycraft lounger:
tan Plycraft lounger
Asking: $400 [No longer available.]
Condition: Not described; looks like normal vintage wear to me.
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Great Falls, VA
Thoughts: I’m pretty sure this is a Plycraft, the knockoff of the famous Eames lounger. It has the telltale extra leg on the base. I’ve never sat in a real Eames, but I have a black Plycraft and it’s incredibly comfortable. $400 for the set is not unreasonable. I think that’s about what I paid, and mine was from the much cheaper Richmond CL.

Check it out.

Altar table:
altar table
Asking: $350 [No longer available.]
Condition: Very well made; not otherwise described
Dimensions: 90″ long x 36″ high x 15.75″ deep
Location: Georgetown, DC
Thoughts: Altar tables are one of my favorite kinds of tables. They’re such a good balance of understated elegance and cool global eclecticism, don’t you think?

Check it out.