I’m headed to Disney World this morning to run my second 1/2 marathon. Pretty excited, not just because I lurve Disney World like a little kid but also because I found my 30 Before Thirty list recently, and apparently two years ago I thought running a 10k was a pretty lofty goal. Last month I ran my first 1/2, and then my first 10-miler the following weekend, and now a few weeks later, I’m off to do 1/2 number two. I doubt I’ll ever do a full marathon, but I feel proud of the strides I’ve made as a runner nonetheless (pun absolutely intended :P).

Anyway, in honor of the end-all-be-all of amusement parks, I thought I’d share these incredible vintage carousel animals. (No longer available.)

A pig:
carousel pig
A tiger:
carousel tiger
A zebra:
carousel zebra
A rooster:
carousel rooster
A camel:
carousel camel
And my personal favorite, an ostrich:
carousel ostrich
They’re all pictured in the same post (no longer available), but aside from being described as “child-sized”, there was basically no useful information. I’m guessing they’re priced astronomically, but gosh, aren’t they fun? I love spaces with a sense of humor, and any of these would add that element perfectly. They’d work just as well in a grown-up space as they would a nursery, methinks.

Which would you choose?