Maybe I should have saved this for next Wednesday, but you never know how long things will last on CL…

Want a really happy home office? This elephant desk will surely make you smile:
elephant desk
Asking: $800 OBO “Best offer accepted” 
Condition: Some wear and tear, and a tiny nick on the top
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Rockville, MD
Thoughts: This is probably a little over the top for me, but I’m pretty sure I’d want to be friends with someone who had it in his/her house. I can’t help but be drawn to pieces and people that don’t take themselves too seriously!

Check it out. No longer available

I often cross reference Pinterest when I find intriguing pieces, as it’s a quick and easy way to gauge popularity/trendiness, and low and behold, today I discovered that there’s quite a market for kidney-shaped elephant head desks. And they look great in just about any color you can imagine:

elephant desk red

elephant desk peach

elephant desk black
Plus navy, turquoise and white… Some of them had already sold, but of those that were still available, price tags were between $3500-$4000.