I was poking around the Collectibles section, and discovered this weird and/or wonderful gem:

Vintage pin-up playing card set:
pin-up playing card set
pin-up playing cards

Asking: $80
Condition: Mint, unopened (from 1946!)
Dimensions: N/A
Location: DC
Thoughts: While I would have absolutely no idea what to do with these, they’re so fun I had to share. They’d be a good conversation starter, if nothing else. The cards were illustrated by Mac Therson, whom I’ve learned was a famous illustrator in the pin-up era. Both packages are sealed and, presumably, like new. I admit that I do like the illustrations themselves, but I’m even more drawn in by the cheeky quips on the box and cards. The inside of the box reads “I like a game / Where stakes are high / And I can take / The other guy / For all he’s worth / (Within the law) / And play it straight / Win, lose or draw!” That parenthetical is especially charming. The jokers read “Poker really makes me blush, / I never get it straight. / I couldn’t even draw a flush / With all I had at stake.”

Check it out. No longer available.