I will not be surprised if these are snatched up before I have a chance to hit publish. This is what CL is all about–cool finds for cheap, cheap, cheap.

Queen-size wicker bed frame:
wicker bed frame
Asking: $35
Condition: ”Good condition except for one strand starting to unravel.”
Dimensions: Not provided (queen size)
Location: Fairfax, VA
Thoughts: Simple, “modern” way to bring in some texture to the bedroom.

Check it out. No longer available

MCM/Campaign sideboard:
MCM Campaign buffet sideboard
Asking: $65
Condition: ”Excellent condition” except for “some water damage to the back left corner on the top of the buffet.”
Dimensions: 40″ wide x 20″ deep
Location: Shepherd Park, NW DC
Thoughts: I wouldn’t know how to repair the water damage, but I bet you could easily hide it with a tray or something. I absolutely love this little guy.

Check it out. No longer available

P.S. “Have a hundred?” will be an irregular series of posts featuring pieces that you can purchase for $100 or less. Hopefully. That’s my intention anyway…