I’m really on the fence about both of these (and would need to see them in person to be swayed either way), but they piqued my interest. They’re from the same seller.

MCM blue ceramic and brass lamp:
MCM blue and brass lamp
Asking: $65
Condition: “Very, very good condition considering its age.”
Dimensions: 39″T
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: I wish the shade didn’t look quite so ’70s, but I think this could have potential in the right setting.

Check it out. No longer available.

Geometric tortoise shell lamp:
tortoise shell lamp
Asking: $50
Condition: “Good condition”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: Again, I’d have to see this in person–it might be wretched, but there’s enough of a chance that it’s awesome that I’d consider checking it out.

Check it out. No longer available.