Hello, friends!

I spend way too much time perusing Craigslist for treasures I neither need nor have space for. I figured I should share them.

Since I’m mostly interested in home decor stuff, that’s probably what you’ll find here. And it will be in my preferred style, which may or may not be your style. If I randomly decide to include other cool finds, I guess you’ll see that too. And since I’m currently in the DC metro area, that’s the region I’m gonna focus on. But again, if I randomly decide to expand my horizons, you’ll see whatever goes up.

As you’re probably aware, most of the people who post on Craigslist take the worst photos in the world. Try to use your imagination. Look beyond the crappy, pixilated, blurry–and too-often upside down–photos for the diamonds in the rough.

I should mention that there are tons of scammers on Craigslist, so be smart. Don’t offer to mail a certified check to someone who’s not local or meet someone in a dark alley–no matter how awesome the piece in question is. I can’t take responsibility if you get scammed by someone whose post I feature here. I’ll feel sad for you, but yeah, I can’t take responsibility for that.

Best of luck! I hope you find the hidden treasure of your dreams!


PS If you end up purchasing one of the items you find here, leave a comment letting me know. Thanks, friends!