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Gray seems to be everyone’s favorite neutral these days, so here’s a round up of some of my favorite gray items on CL.

Gray trellis rug:
5x8 gray trellis rug
Asking: $190
Condition: New
Dimensions: 5’x8′
Location: Leesburg, VA
Thoughts: Could work in any number of spaces.

Check it out. No longer available

Room & Board Loring sofa:
Room & Board Loring Sofa in gray
Asking: $675
Condition: “Like new”
Dimensions: 78″w x 37″d x 31″h
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: Deep discount for a nearly new sofa in a good neutral color.

Check it out. No longer available

Vintage rolling desk chair:
vintage gray rolling desk chair
Asking: $80
Condition: “Excellent”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Thoughts: I’m digging the shape of this chair, which strikes me as both traditional and charming–always a winning combo for me.

Check it out. No longer available

Pair of Barbara Cosgrove lampshades:
Barbara Cosgrove gray lampshades pair
Asking: $120
Condition: New
Dimensions: 13″ diameter, 8.5″ high
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: If you’ve never shopped for lampshades before, you probably think I’m crazy, but if you have, you know that attractive/well-made ones are surprisingly expensive, so two for $120 doesn’t sound unreasonable to me (though I’d probably try to negotiate down a bit anyway).

Check ’em out. No longer available

Rustic gray wall display cabinet:
rustic gray wall cabinet
Asking: $100
Condition: “Good”
Dimensions: 16.25″ L x 5″ W x 23.5″ H
Location: Clarendon, VA
Thoughts: Cute way to add a little extra storage to a bathroom, kitchen or entryway. Probably a bit overpriced.

Check it out. No longer available

Gray leather sofa:
gray leather sofa
Asking: $2200 $2000
Condition: “MINT condition – no scratches at all. It comes with 10 year structural warranty.”
Dimensions: 98″w x 38″d x 33″h
Location: Sterling, VA
Thoughts: I know, this is super expensive for CL, but it’s beautiful. And a really good looking leather sofa is hard to find used.

Check it out. No longer available.


Sorry I disappeared again.  I was deeply saddened by the shooting at the Navy Yard, where I work, and I lost interest in Craigslist for a while. Then I was distracted by late nights working on an exciting project, which I hope to reveal in the near future.  Between those very bad and very good things, these past two weeks have flown by with nary a look at the List of Craig. But now I finally have the time and the brain space to do some sleuthing…

Drexel dresser:
drexel dresser
Asking: $65
Condition: ”In very good condition”
Dimensions: 36″ W x 18″ D x 47″ H
Location: Herndon, VA
Thoughts: The ivory color reads a little sad/dirty in these photos, but the hardware, the lines and the price (super low for a Drexel piece, even on CL) make this one worth a bit of elbow grease.

Check it out. No longer available.

Arrow side table:
arrow side table
Asking: $200
Condition: It’s vintage, but it looks like it’s in perfect condition from the pics.
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Ashburn, VA
Thoughts: It’s a little high for side tables by CL standards, but the design is unique and arrows are trending. (And they’re a trend I actually like!)

Check it out. No longer available.

Pair of plaid chairs with/without sofa:
pair of plaid chairs
neutral sofa
Asking: $350 for the pair of chairs or $550 for the chairs and the sofa
Condition: “Pristine condition”
Dimensions: Chairs are 29″ W x 31″ D x 30″ H; sofa is 85″ W x 32″ D x 26″ H
Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Thoughts: I like the style and size of the chairs, and although I’m not super excited about the upholstery, it’s certainly not offensive and could be a good option for injecting some masculinity into a space. The sofa is also completely unoffensive, but please don’t style it with the pillows from the chair if you get all three. ;)

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Hollywood Regency china cabinet:
hollywood regency china cabinet
Asking: $650 OBO
Condition: “Pristine condition”
Dimensions: 82″ H x 60″ W x 20″ D
Location: McLean, VA
Thoughts: Another big ticket item for CL, but it’s a substantial piece and it’s beau-ti-ful.

Check it out. No longer available.

I’m currently camped out at my parents’ house watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and I’m forced to admit that living without a TV isn’t especially practical. As much as I like the idea of devoting my evenings to better things than watching television, tonight proves that there are times when I really want to park my butt in front of the telly.

Unfortunately, TVs and–typically–their accompanying furniture are kind of ugly. And my one-bedroom apartment doesn’t afford the luxury of a den that’s separate from the “formal” living room. I’ve decided that if I have to put a TV in my main living space, it’s gotta be on something better than a standard media cabinet. I doubt either of these will make the final cut, but here are the two best options I’ve seen thus far:

Antique china chest:

Asking: $300 [No longer available]
Condition: Great condition
Dimensions: 55″ high, 58″ wide, 21″ deep
Location: Vienna, VA
Thoughts: Probably too tall, but the detailing is nice.

Check it out.

Vintage Chinese elm cabinet:

Asking: $400 [No longer available]
Condition: Solid (but looks vintage, obv)
Dimensions: 32″ high, 48″ wide, 14″ deep
Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: I kind of love this. Sigh. (Another red Asian option, a little more expensive, but also cool.)

Check it out.

Show off your prettest dishes in one of these:

Shabby chic white secretary with duck egg blue interior:

Asking: $485 [No longer available]
Condition: It’s antique and painted in the shabby chic style … so imperfections are part of the game.
Dimensions: 76″ high, 31″ wide, 15.5″ deep
Location: Kensington, MD
Thoughts: Overpriced, yes. But charming. I especially like how the slots for envelopes (I assume that’s what they’re for) have been repurposed for rolled up flatware. Adorable.

Check it out.

Bowed glass china hutch:

Asking: $350 [No longer available]
Condition: One of the “toes” on one of the feet is missing.
Dimensions: 66″ high, 34″ wide, 14″ deep
Location: N. Arlington, VA
Thoughts: This shape is less common, so it feels special to me. And I love most anything with clawed feet.

Check it out.

Antique jelly cupboard:

Asking: $250 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Manassas, VA
Thoughts: I’m not sure what a “jelly cupboard” is, and I can’t tell if it’s made of metal or wood, but I think the detail on the glass is pretty fun and the color combo reminds me of Bailey’s dining room hutches (and you know how much I love everything in that house).

Check it out.

I don’t have space for a bar, but if I did, here are three styles I’d consider:

Drexel Heritage buffet:

Asking: $180 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 66″ wide, 19″ deep,  30.25″ high
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: It’s not a bar per se, but there are plenty of shelves and drawers to keep your barware. Keep the nicest pieces (and/or the best liquor) on top.

Check it out.

Marble-topped bar:

Asking: $400 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 24″ deep, 74″ long, 41″ high
Location: Logan Circle, DC
Thoughts: This one’s expensive, but it’s a big ol’ slab of marble, so I suppose that’s par for the course. Everything’s on display here, so you have to have decent stuff to show off, but the organization makes sense and looks good to me.

Check it out.

MCM desk bar:

Asking: $125 [No longer available]
Condition: One small piece broke off during a move, but otherwise in good condition.
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Catonsville, MD
Thoughts: Obviously this wasn’t built to be a bar, but the sellers suggested that it could repurposed that way, and I think they’re right. I appreciate the mix of open and closable display options. If you click through, you can see a close-up of the damage, but I’m unable to figure out where exactly it is on the piece as a whole. Based on the far-away shots, it seems like pretty great deal if the damage is that hard to spot.

Check it out.

Antique wood bar:

Asking: $100 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described, but it looks like there are a couple of scratches on top
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Gainsville, VA
Thoughts: I like the wood grain on the doors, but as a whole I think it looks a little dated. I do think updating the hardware would help. And the price is pretty great.

Check it out.

Bar hutch:

Asking: $150 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 48″ wide, 61″ tall, 19″ deep
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: This one has some nice details, like the light in the main bar area and the felt-lined drawers. I’m not crazy about the way it looks when it’s all closed up though. (Don’t you think it kind of looks like a monkey face?)

Check it out.

Brass tea cart:

Asking: $400 (way too high, imho) [No longer available]
Condition: Excellent
Location: McLean, VA
Thoughts: It’s so feminine and dainty! What girly-girl wouldn’t love this? And yet it would work just as well if you cut the femininity in half by filling it with your favorite bar items (assuming your favorite bar items aren’t limited to the various flavored Smirnoffs).

Check it out.

Hollywood Regency cabinet:

Asking: $295 (not a steal, but not unfair) [No longer available]
Condition: Very good, but I’d consider replacing the knobs with something more distinctive
Location: Friendship Heights NW, DC
Thoughts: The round shape and circle motif make this a feminine piece, but the walnut finish keeps in from being over-the-top. Also, note that the top is marble. Pretty snazzy, methinks.

Check it out.

Floral oil painting:

Asking: $75 (they don’t give the dimensions but do say it’s “BIG,” and if that’s true, it’s a good deal for an original framed painting) [No longer available]
Condition: Don’t see any problems
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: This could go Golden Girls really easily. But I think it could possibly be cool if the rest of your choices are more modern than grandma chic. And if you steer clear of peach and sea foam green. Thoughts?

Check it out.