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You know those periods where it seems like everyone is pregnant/having babies? I’m going through one of those. Thanks to my FB feed, baby showers, and pregnant woman everywhere I look in DC, I’ve got babies on the brain, so I decided to check out some nursery items.  (I am absolutely not pregnant myself though. Just wanted to be clear.) Here are some of my favorites…

First, there’re not one but two daisy chandeliers available.

Land of Nod daisy chandelier:
Land of Nod daisy chandelier
Asking: $90 Reduced to $80
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: College Park, MD
Thoughts: Such a happy piece, and it looks like it’s in like-new condition to me.

Check it out. No longer available

Vintage daisy chandelier:
vintage daisy chandelier
Asking: $45 Reduced to $35
Condition: ”From the early ’70’s … bouquet of metal sunflowers [sic] flowers and leaves, not one broken off … still has the ceiling crown as well”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Capitol Hill / Stanton Park, DC
Thoughts: This one looks a bit grungier, but I bet a little elbow grease would take care of that.

Check it out. No longer available

Set of Fairies in the Garden alphabet cards:
fairies in the garden alphabet cards
Asking: $10
Condition: ”Printed on heavy card stock”
Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
Location: Ashburn, VA
Thoughts: I really like alphabet art for a nursery, and these illustrations are lovely. (Amazon has them for $25, so this is a good price.)

Check it out. No longer available

Maclaren coral bedding set:
Maclaren Sea Coral Bedding set
Asking: $50 (Set includes 1 reversible bumper, 1 crib skirt and a reusable draw string duffle bag)
Condition: ”Excellent condition”
Dimensions: Fits a a standard size crib mattress
Location: Vienna, VA
Thoughts: This doesn’t really go with the garden-theme that seems to be developing here, but I like the design nonetheless. I do want to point out that they say the set retails for $300 (yikes!), but the site they direct you to also includes two fitted sheets, which seem to be missing here.

Check it out. No longer available

Vintage green swivel rocker:
vintage green swivel rocker
Asking: $75 
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: I prefer the design of this to pretty much every nursery-specific glider/rocker I’ve seen. But will it be as effective at rocking a baby to sleep? I have no idea.

Check it out. No longer available

Bonus: The best part of exploring the baby/kids listings is the Halloween costumes, of which there are many! Is there anything cuter than a costumed baby?

Newborn-6mo peapod costume ($15)  [No longer available]
baby peapod costume

2-3T shark costume with matching candy bag ($30) [No longer available]
2-3T shark costume

Newborn-9mo banana costume ($9):
infant banana costume

12-18mo penguin costume ($20 $15) [No longer available]
children's place penguin costume

So cute. Seriously, parents, how do you restrain yourself from dressing your babies in costumes every day of the year???

Red children’s dresser/armoire:

Asking: $85 (They don’t give the dimensions so I’m not really sure how big it is… Maybe offer $75?) [No longer available]
Condition: The overall look is intentionally perfectly imperfect, so I don’t mind the bits of scruffiness. It looks like there’s something weird going on in the armoire part, though. I’d want to look into that.
Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Thoughts: I love the pop of colors for a kid’s room. And after the babies themselves, aren’t their clothes the cutest part? Their itty bitty duds could be displayed for all to see in the mini armoire.

Check it out.

White leather rocker and ottoman:

Asking: $750 (High, BUT apparently the chair alone would be about $1100 including shipping, so not as high as you might think. Definitely offer less though.) [No longer available]
Condition: “Pristine”
Location: NW DC
Thoughts: I looked at A LOT of rocking chairs and gliders and this was the only one that struck me as stylish. Not that your nursery rocker has to be stylish.

Check ’em out.

Italian cradle:

Asking: $150 (Quite reasonable considering it retails for $930.) [No longer available]
Condition: Has some minor scratches and requires some screw replacement.
Location: Falls Church, VA
Thoughts: I’m scared to even suggest this because it’s probably a death trap. Everything’s a death trap when baby’s sleep: No blankets! No bumpers! No stuffed animals! No drop-side cribs! Etc., etc., etc. So chances are high that this isn’t safe. But dang is it pretty.

Check it out.

Bonus: Lot of 18 Baby Einstein DVDs:

Asking: $30 (Good. That’s $1.66 per DVD and baby stuff is notoriously overpriced. I think these retail for like $10-14 a pop.) [No longer available]
Condition: “Good”
Location: Falls Church, VA
Thoughts: Even though I’m pretty positive that these videos don’t turn babies into geniuses, I’d still feel a little better about popping one of these in than I would about sticking a baby in front of the boob tube. But maybe that’s silly.

Check ’em out.