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Pair of small, footed, Turkish kilim ottomans:
pair of small footed kilim ottomans pair of small footed kilim ottomans bottom
Asking: $150 for the pair (or $100 for one)
Condition: “New”
Dimensions: 12″H x 15″D x 18″L
Location: Fairfax, VA
Thoughts: These are adorable! I love how they’re coordinated but not super matchy-matchy.

Check ’em out. No longer available

This Sunday morning I’m lusting over a piece that neither fits my decor nor my budget, but it sure is pretty…

Kilim Rug Coffee Table / Ottoman:
Kilim Rug Coffee Table Ottoman
Asking: $1500
Condition: “Perfect”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: McLean, VA
Thoughts: This is stunning and–I imagine–truly one of a kind. The seller has actually listed the whole room (below) for $5000, so there might be some room for negotiation on the ottoman.

Kilim Rug Coffee Table Ottoman full room
Check it out. No longer available.

I don’t favor rooms that look like they’re straight out of a catalog, but I can certainly understand the appeal of these brand name pieces…

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams upholstered queen bed frame:
Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams upholstered queen bed frame
Asking: $400 OBO
Condition: ”In great condition”
Dimensions: 80” L, 60″ W, 14″ H
Location: Chinatown, DC
Thoughts: Who wouldn’t like this?  This is a nice compromise of masculine and feminine with the softness of the upholstery, the simple/strong lines, toughness of nailhead trim and the neutral fabric.

Check it out. No longer available

Pottery Barn Victoria tufted ottoman:
Pottery Barn Victoria Tufted Ottoman
Asking: $450
Condition: ”Excellent MINT condition”
Dimensions: 51.5″ wide x 31″ deep x 17 ” high
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Thoughts: A very pretty piece for a more formal living room. While I can’t imagine ever putting my feet up on it, it does look as if it would make a nice alternative coffee table (which is how PB was spinning it, I think, based off of one stock photo in the listing).

Check it out. No longer available

West Elm Kite Kilim pouf:
West Elm Kile Kilim Pouf
Asking: $150
Condition: ”Brand new”
Dimensions: 24″ L x 24″ W x 13″ H
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: I like this as a middle-commitment way of adding pattern to a room. Not nearly as risky as upholstering a chair or couch, but not as timid as a throw pillow either. Win!

Check it out. No longer available

Restoration Hardware Collins Chaise Sectional:
Resoration Hardware Collins Upholstered Sectional
Asking: $2500
Condition: ”Very good condition”
Dimensions: 135″W x 70″D x 33″H
Location: Arnold, MD
Thoughts: Is it expensive? Absolutely. But it’s also a sectional, which warrants more than a typical sofa. And it’s gorgeous. I’d never want to replace it.

Check it out. No longer available

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams vintage leather couch:
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams vintage leather couch
Asking: $1450 Reduced to $1050 Reduced again to $699 (!!)
Condition: ”Distressed brown leather couch in excellent condition”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: U Street/Logan Circle, DC
Thoughts: Finding a good leather sofa on CL that doesn’t look like La-Z-Boy vomit is basically the holy grail. 99% of the time when people say they can’t find what they’re looking for on CL, I think they’re probably not searching hard enough or using the right search terms or some other user error. Good looking leather sofas, however, are seriously impossible finds. They’re unicorns–mystical creatures that exist on the pages of Elle Decor and House Beautiful, but not in real life. If you’ve been looking for a unicorn, grab this handsome guy up immediately!

Check it out. No longer available

Confession: I’ve spent way more time perusing the Missed Connections pages of CL than the furniture lately. I realize that makes me a bit of a weirdo, but they’re seriously easy to get sucked into! About a month ago, I had my first (and currently only) “Missed Connection” encounter, where afterward I regretted not exchanging numbers or contact information. I actually posted a Missed Connection ad (you all probably think I’m at unspeakable levels of weird now …), but alas, nothing came of it. I mean, some random emails from strangers who were not The Stranger came of it, but I’m not quite that weird, so I ignored those. But even after my hopes of finding my Stranger subsided, I was still hooked on Missed Connections. The postings are fascinating, and I have this bizarre hope that I’ll see one that refers to someone I know.

Anyway, this was my first foray back into furniture, and these pieces caught my eye:

Bolivian blanket ottoman:
Furbish Ottoman

Asking: $250 [No longer available.]
Condition: Excellent; only a few month old
Dimensions: 32″ wide x 20″ high x 27″ deep
Location: Dupont, DC
Thoughts: I love these South American blankets because I’m a huge fan of stripes, they’ve always got great colors and they’re perfectly imperfect. And the well-traveled look is always a bonus too. This ottoman is pricy, but unique and cool. It’s also from every blogger’s favorite store.

Check it out.

Tan Plycraft lounger:
tan Plycraft lounger
Asking: $400 [No longer available.]
Condition: Not described; looks like normal vintage wear to me.
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Great Falls, VA
Thoughts: I’m pretty sure this is a Plycraft, the knockoff of the famous Eames lounger. It has the telltale extra leg on the base. I’ve never sat in a real Eames, but I have a black Plycraft and it’s incredibly comfortable. $400 for the set is not unreasonable. I think that’s about what I paid, and mine was from the much cheaper Richmond CL.

Check it out.

Altar table:
altar table
Asking: $350 [No longer available.]
Condition: Very well made; not otherwise described
Dimensions: 90″ long x 36″ high x 15.75″ deep
Location: Georgetown, DC
Thoughts: Altar tables are one of my favorite kinds of tables. They’re such a good balance of understated elegance and cool global eclecticism, don’t you think?

Check it out.

Thomasville chair and ottoman:

Asking: $650 Reduced to $600 (they paid $1,800)
Condition: Like new
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Oakton, VA
Thoughts: As I perused CL, I kept returning to this chair and ottoman. On one hand, I think the pair looks a little too “mature” for my taste, but on the other I still kinda think you could make it work in a modern preppy sort of space. The seller will also throw in an extra unused 1.5 yards of the fabric, so if you want to carry the floral pattern elsewhere in the room, you can make some more throw pillows or something.

Check ‘em out.