144-piece bronze flatware set:

Asking: $40 (sweet deal) [No longer available]
Condition: Most of the pieces are still in the original plastic wrap. The rest have only been used once. So basically new.
Location: Frederick, MD
Thoughts: (I can’t even tell you how bad I want this set. I came thisclose to not showing it to you, but since I don’t think I’ll be making it out to Frederick any time soon, I figured I should not be a Scrooge …) I’m semi-obsessed with gold-colored flatware right now, as you should be. If you’re not convinced, see this, this and this. It’s totally won you over, has it not? Plus, this set has a bamboo pattern on the handle. I know, right?!

Check it out.

Magnavox record player

Asking: $250 (I honestly have no idea what one would pay for a vintage record player.) [No longer available]
Condition: The record player and AM/FM tuner are supposedly in top-notch condition. As a piece of furniture, it’s kinda ugly, but I don’t see any obvious scratches or anything.
Location: Cobb Island, MD
Thoughts: How impressed will your guests be when they discover that the tunes are coming, not from your ipod, but from your vintage record player. Of course, they will be less impressed they’re listening to the same 10 songs all night because you only have one record.

Check it out.

12-bottle Haier wine cooler

Asking: $35 (New ones are a little over $100.) [No longer available]
Condition: This is obviously a stock photo, so who knows. Email about the condition before driving anywhere.
Location: Lake Ridge or Manassas, VA
Thoughts: Spend a tiny bit less on alcohol (friends with manners will show up with a bottle of wine anyway) and buy this so you can serve your white wine without ice cubes. So classy!

Check it out.