Soooooo… Super Bowl Sunday’s this weekend!!! You can gauge my excitement by these facts: 1) I wasn’t totally sure who was playing until 2) I had to look up whether it was “Superbowl” or “Super Bowl.” However, I realize this is an important American pastime or whatever to many other people–plus I like the commercials and food–so I figured I should do a Super Bowl themed post. And what’s more important to watching the big game than a comfy sectional?? Okay, beer is more important. But second to beer: a comfy sectional. Here are my picks if you’re in a bind and need something in the next few days:

Crate and Barrel sectional:

Asking: $1000
Condition: 3 years old… I think it’s annoying when people don’t post pics of the actual piece
Dimensions: 125″wide, 125″ long, 32″ high
Location: N. Bethesda, MD
Thoughts: This is on-trend, and I don’t think you’re going to tire of gray in the very-near future, so that’s good. However, I’m a bit skeptical of posters who use pictures from the internet though, and this person also cut and pasted a description of the sofa (which really confused me for a second: “It’s no small wonder that Axis is one of our most popular seating solutions…” Huh??). BUT if it’s in good shape, this is an excellent deal.

Check it out.

Vintage sectional:

Asking: $350
Condition: “desperately needs reupholster[y]”
Dimensions: 30″ high, 29.5″ deep, and the rest is just too much math for me to work out right now
Location: Potomac, MD
Thoughts: Obviously there’s no way you could get this reupholstered by Sunday (unless you have means of blackmailing an upholsterer), but I’d love to see it redone–perhaps in a navy velvet. (BTW, if I had my way, just about everything would be reupholstered in navy velvet…)

Check it out.

Lee sectional:

Asking: $3000
Condition: Brand new
Dimensions: 99″ wide, 64″ deep at the chaise/40″ deep elsewhere, 37″ tall
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: This one’s fairly small and ‘spensive, but it’s my favorite. It’s a perfect gray, I love the rolled arms, and Lee makes quality stuff.

Check it out.

Have fun on Sunday! And, um, go Pats! (I was born in R.I., so my allegiance is clear. ;)