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For the Iggy Azaleas of the DC area…

Vintage chandelier:
vintage brass and glass tubes chandelier
vintage brass and glass tubes chandelier 2
Asking: $210
Condition: “Excellent”
Dimensions: 19″ x 13″
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Thoughts: Pretty unique, glamorous find.

Check it out.

Oak Maple* leaf wall clock:
large brass leaf clock
Asking: $65
Condition: “Excellent”
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Location: Cloverly, MD
Thoughts: Pretty when the sun hits it. (*Thanks, Dad!)

Check it out.

Round etagere / room divider:
round brass etagere : room divider
Asking: $550
Condition: “There are a few blemish spots, consistent with age. Overall it is in very good condition. There are no chips in the glass.”
Dimensions: 68.5″H x 68.5″L x 17″D
Location: Arlington, VA
Thoughts: A bit over the top for me, but I think this would be fantastic in the right boutique.

Check it out.


Maybe it’s because our days our getting shorter and our nights are getting longer again, but I’ve been attracted to some dark-as-night pieces on CL lately…

Antique Weiman display cabinets:
Antique Weiman Display Cabinets
Asking: $400 for the pair or $250 a piece
Condition: ”3 glass shelves are not included … Paint has some chips and scratches. Some chips and dings in the wood. Glass is in fine condition.”
Dimensions: 78″H x 27″W x 14 1/2″D
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: These are such a neat shape. They’d be fantastic in a masculine study/office. The fact that they’re missing the shelves is a bit of a bummer–adds an extra step to actually using them.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

West Elm 5×8 Empire Kilim:
West Elm 5x8 Empire Kilim : Dhurrie Rug
Asking: $200 Reduced to $185
Condition: ”Like new”
Dimensions: 5′ x 8′
Location: Falls Church, VA
Thoughts: I’m drawn to the rich tones of this over-dyed rug. They didn’t include pictures of their actual rug (annoying), but said that theirs is darker.

Check it out. No longer available.

Howard Miller Grand Cru wine bar:
Howard Miller Grand Cru Wine Bar
Asking: $895
Condition: ”In excellent condition”
Dimensions: 80″ T x 35″ W x 19″ D
Location: Falls Church, VA
Thoughts: It’s priced too high for CL (it sells for $1200 on Overstock), but I like the way it’s organized: room for 40 wine bottles on the bottom, upside down wine glasses hanging from the top, and everything else you need for an at-home bar in between. Seller is moving out of state, so I’m guessing there should be plenty of negotiating room with this one.

Check it out. No longer available.

In my humble opinion, all of these are pretty darn good deals, even if they do need a bit of work:

Bamboo shelving unit:
bamboo shelving unit
Asking: $40
Condition: “Great condition except for a nearly invisible crack at the top”
Dimensions: 70″ H, 35″ W, 15.5″ D
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: Imagine it styled with something more attractive than toys.

Check it out. No longer available.

Asian end tables:
asian end table
Asking: $65 each (there are two available)
Condition: “Excellent”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Rockville, MD
Thoughts: The golden oak does nothing for me, but imagine them painted or stained darker.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Matching bamboo etageres:
bamboo etagere
Asking: $80 for the pair Reduced to $60
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 70″ T, 30″ W
Location: Woodbridge, VA
Thoughts: I know, a second listing for a bamboo shelving unit in the same post–lame. BUT this one comes with a mate. I’d paint them something bright and fun, and use them in a kid’s room or playroom (kinda like this).

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Pair of mint green stools:
mint stools
Asking: $30 OBO (for the pair, I think)
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 2.5′ tall
Location: Capitol Hill, DC
Thoughts: If the price is per stool, these are much less interesting to me, but if it’s for both (with the option to negotiate down), I think they’d be adorable for holding plants and/or as side tables, indoors or out.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Red IKEA PS media cabinet:
red IKEA PS media locker
Asking: $45 Reduced to $35
Condition: “Excellent condition minus a few minor and barely noticeable dents”
Dimensions: 47″ W x 16″ D x 25″ H
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: I usually avoid posting about IKEA pieces, just because they’re already pretty cheap and easy to come by, but I’ve always had a thing for this little guy, and $45 is easier for me to stomach than $99.

Check it out. No longer available.

Set of brass nesting tables:
faux bamboo brass nesting tables
Asking: $100 Raised to $150
Condition: “Slight oxidation freckling in a few spots … but not very noticeable”
Dimensions: Largest table is 21″ L x 13.25″ W x 20.5″ H; smaller tables fit underneath
Location: Leesburg, VA
Thoughts: Brass + faux bamboo detail + feminine lines … obviously I want these.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Blue velvet corner sofa:
blue velvet corner sofa
Asking: $45 
Condition: “No stains/rips/tears”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Glover Park, MD
Thoughts: It’s already in my #1 favorite fabric. For $45, what do you really have to lose?

Check it out. No longer available.

Which of the following similarly-priced bookcases/display units most suits your style?

Modern display unit:
modern Fuzion bookcase by Hokku
Asking: $175 Reduced to $150
Condition: ”Some slight curvature to the bottom two shelves and a tiny bump on one shelf from a screw ”
Dimensions: 67.5″ H x 47.24″ W x 12″ D
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: I don’t always go for modern, but I kind of like this guy.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Industrial/Parisian bookkeeper’s shelving unit:
French Shopkeeper's Shelves
Asking: $199
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 35″w x 13.5″d x 70.5″h
Location: Potomac, MD
Thoughts: I’d love this in a kitchen for extra storage. (I’m dreaming of something like this.)

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Traditional barrister bookcase:
traditional barrister bookcase
Asking: $200
Condition: “Very fragile, but in working order”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Great Falls, VA
Thoughts: It’s not identified as such, but this looks like barrister bookcase (the ones with the glass fronts on each shelf that open upward), and I love those. Not sure how fragile it is, but $200 seems to be a great price for this style; barrister bookcases always seem to be in the $400+ range when I find them on CL. And I like how dark this one is. (Also, if you like pieces with a story, this one is apparently from the Civil War era and was originally purchased by a veteran of that war.)

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Mid Century/Asian display unit:
mid century asian display unit
Asking: $225 
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Arlington, VA
Thoughts: You’d have to have the perfect piece to fill that bottom left shelf; otherwise this would look really awkward, but I do love the lines….

Check ’em out. No longer available.

It’s been about 9 months since I last posted. A lot’s happened in that time–new job, new boyfriend, some running PRs, a bit of travel, and plenty of fun times–but I won’t bore you with excuses. Let’s just get back to it, shall we?

I’m helping a friend design a room for her daughter, and I was poking through CL looking for treasures. Here are some good finds that just don’t make the cut for this particular project:

 MCM Coffee Table:
coffee table
Asking: $110
Condition: One “blemish” (looks like a ring from a wet class), but as the poster says, it could easily be hidden by coffee table books.
Dimensions: 37″ in diameter and 17″ in height
Location: Fairfax Station, VA
Thoughts: Beautiful piece for an excellent price.

Check it out. No longer available

Pair of Industrial Parts Bins / Shelving Units:
industrial shelving
Asking: $1500 for the one on the left; $1100 for the one on the right; $2200 for the pair
Condition: Cleaned. Otherwise perfectly imperfect.
Dimensions: 7′ tall by 3′ wide
Location: Leesburg, VA
Thoughts: It the right space, these could be amazing. They remind me of the playroom in this project by Emily Henderson.

Check ’em out. No longer available

Previously Featured Dining Room Set:
Dining Room Set
Asking: $600–includes china cabinet, buffet (click through to see), mirror (click through to see), table with two extensions, and six chairs.
Condition: Not described.
Dimensions: N/A
Location: DC
Thoughts: When I posted this way, way back, they were asking $1000, which I thought was fair. Now it’s an absolute steal. Sometimes it pays to wait it out!

Check it out. No longer available

I’m in the process of moving here:

The Parkfairfax neighborhood in Alexandria

That’s not my actual building, but it gives you an idea of what the neighborhood is like: historical condos with lots of green space. It’s protected on the National Register of Historic Places, which I love because it means they can never tear down and rebuild. The charm of the neighborhood stays. The apartment I’m renting is a one-bedroom, in very good condition, but not fully renovated. There are a few quirky things that I don’t love, but for the most part, I’m thrilled about the space. I’m also thrilled that I’m about a block away from a pedestrian bridge over 395 that takes me straight here:

The Shirlington Village neighborhood in Arlington

Shirlington is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the metro area. It’s got great restaurants (The Carlyle, Aladdin’s Eatery, Shirlington Thai, Capital City Brewing, Busboys and Poets–just to name a few), good bars, some cute shops, a Harris Teeter, a movie theater, a live theater and  a library–everything I could ever want. Parts of it have been there for a very long time, and newer parts were added well, so it doesn’t look like it was dropped out of the sky (a pet peeve of mine with many newer developments). I was pretty sure I wanted to be in or near Shirlington, so I’m really happy with the proximity of my new place.

It’s a million degrees here today (ok, technically “just” 103 right now), so I’m taking it easy on the moving. I’ve emailed about this sofa:

Actually, I’ve emailed twice–and have yet to hear back, so I think it’s not going to happen, sadly. I’m extra sad because–even though I don’t love the fabric–one of my favorite designers (Lauren Liess) scored the same sofa off CL a few years back and had it reupholstered into one of favorite sofas in one of my favorite living rooms of all time:

(I wish I could find a better picture!) It would have been glorious. But alas, it was not meant to be. C’est la vie. CL is constantly updating, so I’ll find something soon.

I did however, successfully contact another seller about this shelving unit:

I’ll be picking it up tomorrow for $65. I’m feeling pretty great about that. Imagine it styled like this:


Or this:

It shall be lovely. Trust.

More updates and general CL finds to come soon!

Restored campaign cabinet and shelving unit:

Asking: $350
Condition: Brand new paint job and the drawer and doors work perfectly.
Dimensions: 78″ tall, 30″ wide, 18″ deep
Location: Ashburn, VA
Thoughts: DIY is great in theory, but sometimes you just need to LSEDIFY (let someone else do it for you). Whether you’re constrained by time, space or talent, this already-completed piece might be worth the extra pennies you’ll have to spend to avoid getting your hands dirty.

Check it out. Update: No longer listed.

A pair of BFFEs:

Asking: $100 for the pair, can be sold separately
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Fairfax, VA
Thoughts: When my dad was in the Navy, all the sailors got these ceramic elephant statues overseas. They called them “BFFEs” (pronounced: buffies), which stands for Big Fat Fucking Elephants. I’m actually not sure about the order of the F’s, but you get the gist. My parents had a couple, but one didn’t make it through a move. I’ve got dibs on the remaining one, whether my brother knows/likes it or not. But now you can get a pair too!

Check ’em out. Update: No longer listed.

Vintage peacock chairs and matching table:

Asking: $2200 for four chairs and the table
Condition: “Wonderful quality and in pristine condition”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Annandale, VA
Thoughts: I usually try not to post such expensive things, but the second I saw this set, I thought of this patio, which is quite possibly the happiest patio that’s ever existed. Hopefully someone with more money (and outdoor space) than me can make good use of these cheerful chairs!

Check ’em out. Update: No longer listed.

I prefer things in twos.

Pair of coral lamps:

Asking: $85/each or $150 for the pair [No longer available]
Condition: Fabulous. Obviously.
Dimensions: 24″ high (shade is 13″)
Location: Glenmont/Silver Spring, MD
Thoughts: How fun are these?! So fun. Love the pop of orange and the gold peeking out from under the shades. And the oh-so charming console is also for sale ($180).

Check ‘em out.

Pair of bentwood chairs:

Asking: $20 for the pair [No longer available]
Condition: “Excellent”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: Not every piece can be (or should be) a show-stopper. These chairs aren’t going to fight for your attention, but they’ll compliment any space. I really like the simple lines of their backs.

Check ’em out.

Pair of Louis XVI-style arm chairs:

Asking: $400, for the pair [No longer available]
Condition: “In nice shape”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: NW DC
Thoughts: On the other hand, some pieces can be show-stoppers. Like these divas. I think they’re a little fancy for me. But if you have Kelly Wearstler’s style (but not her budget), they might be a good fit for you.

Check ’em out.

Pair of “puzzle” bookcases:

Asking: $50, for the pair [No longer available]
Condition: “A few nicks and scratches, but all in all, they look great.”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: You could have fun playing with these.

Check ’em out.

Burled wood wall unit:

Asking: $500 (not bad at all–it’s huge!–but since I imagine this is the type of item for which it’s difficult to find a buyer, they might accept a lower offer) [No longer available]
Condition: Perfecto, as far as I can tell
Location: 16th St. NW, DC
Thoughts: I can totally picture this on the pages of Elle Decor, in a bazillionaire’s closet dressing room. I’m imagining the three pieces separated, with the two enclosed ones on oposite corners of a wall and the open one centered in the middle. Between them would run a couple brass rods, on which you could hang your purtiest things.

Check it out.

Pair of MCM chairs:

Asking: $400 (OK, offer a bit less) [No longer available]
Condition: Chrome loss on one arm of each chair; original upholstery in good condition
Location: Frederick, MD
Thoughts: Seller speculates that they might be Milo Braughman for Thayer Coggin, which sell for bushels more on 1stdibs. But they’re unmarked, and I’m certainly no expert. The chrome loss would bug me, but if you can look past that, they’re not bad at all.

Check ’em out.

Walnut dresser:

Asking: $500 (a bit high, I think; lowball) [No longer available]
Condition: A little chipping
Location: Columbia Heights, MD
Thoughts: I wouldn’t pay $500, but it’s got good lines.

Check it out.

Danish Modern wall unit:

Asking: $600 (probably fair, but I’d try to get it for a little less) [No longer available]
Condition: Good
Location: Annandale, VA
Thoughts: I feel like this is something Emily Henderson would use and style the crap out of. Yes, I think that’s correct.

Check it out.