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Well these are fun!

Vintage high back chairs:
vintage high back chairs
Asking: 1 for $450 or 2 for $800 OBO
Condition: “Great… overall integrity of the chair is solid (not wobbly) and the seat cushions are in great shape.” However, I think the upholstery looks a little worn in a few places in the photos.
Dimensions: 5’9″ tall
Location: Leesburg Pike at Chain Bridge Road
Thoughts: Kind of ridiculous; kind of awesome. I’m not totally sure how I feel about these. I wonder if you could elevate the look like Lauren Liess did with her playfully sophisticated Mad Hatter chairs in the DC Design House a few years back. What do you think?

Check ’em out.

I’m really on the fence about both of these (and would need to see them in person to be swayed either way), but they piqued my interest. They’re from the same seller.

MCM blue ceramic and brass lamp:
MCM blue and brass lamp
Asking: $65
Condition: “Very, very good condition considering its age.”
Dimensions: 39″T
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: I wish the shade didn’t look quite so ’70s, but I think this could have potential in the right setting.

Check it out. No longer available.

Geometric tortoise shell lamp:
tortoise shell lamp
Asking: $50
Condition: “Good condition”
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: Again, I’d have to see this in person–it might be wretched, but there’s enough of a chance that it’s awesome that I’d consider checking it out.

Check it out. No longer available.

Want a bit of fun wallpaper for the back of a bookcase, petite powder room, or other small project? You’re in luck. CL has two very good options right now:

Indian/Oriental wallpaper:
indian or oriental wallpaper
Asking: $50 (unclear if that’s the price per roll, or for both available rolls)
Condition: “Good”
Dimensions: 33′ long, 21″ wide, 21″ pattern repeat
Location: Germantown, MD
Thoughts: This has so much potential. (Side note: I just discovered that “Indian wallpaper” yields the prettiest Pinterest results ever.)

Check it out.

Cole & Son Acquario wallpaper:
Acquario wallpaper by Cole & Son
Asking: $400 (for two rolls) $200 (for one remaining roll)
Condition: “Good”
Dimensions: Looks like 10.05 meters by 68.6cm
Location: DC
Thoughts: Crazy expensive yes, but so fun. And a slightly less crazy expensive than it would be retail (though I’m pretty sure they had it listed for $450 last week, so there might still be room for negotiation).

Check it out.

Cast stone face pots:
Cast Stone Face pots
Asking: $40 each, $70 a pair
Condition: Not described (but they’re not supposed to be perfect)
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Calvert County, MD
Thoughts: The seller makes these in five different finishes, but the plain concrete one is definitely the best. The rest feel a little over-the-top/cheesy to me. Note that there are four or five faces on each pot (hard to tell by the pictures), so they’re a little kooky, but I like a little kookiness!

Check ’em out. No longer available

This one’s wonderfully weird, I think!

Astrological signs bar cart:
Astrological signs bar cart
astrological signs bar card detail
Asking: $160
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 32″ W x 27″ H x 24″ D
Location: Great Falls, VA
Thoughts: Wouldn’t you love to know the backstory of this piece (“Made in Italy” btw)? Who was its first owner? Were they just really into astrology? Were they charmed by the “brilliant colors” and “artful nudity”? What kind of crazy parties were stocked with liquor from its caddies? If only bar carts could talk…

Check it out. No longer available

Paintings of dogs:
un-ironic paintings of dogs
Asking: $30 each 
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Washington, DC
Thoughts: I really hope these aren’t intended to be ironic, because I absolutely love how serious they are with their velvet drapes and settees in the background. I feel like they should be in a Wes Anderson film set.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

Hot air balloon chandelier:
hot air balloon chandelier
Asking: $230 
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: AU Park, Upper NW DC
Thoughts: Instant whimsy–love. I’m not a big fan of wrought iron, so I’d probably paint it a glossy white, black, metallic or a bright color, depending on where it was going. Or, if you preferred (and had more patience), you could go this route.

Check it out. No longer available

Framed mirror/tiger* mural:
tiger mural mirror frame
Asking: $130
Condition: “The mirror that is supposed to be behind the doors was broken but getting a replacement is easy.”
Dimensions: 39″ wide x 69″ tall (HUGE!)
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: Finding a piece of art this size for this low a price is a pretty incredible deal in itself. Right now it’s built to be a standing piece, but as the seller points out, you could easily remove the base/feet, and hang it on your wall. I wouldn’t even care about replacing the mirror because the doors are so awesome, but getting a piece of mirror cut to size wouldn’t be that difficult or expensive.

Check ’em out. No longer available.

*I promise that weird and/or wonderful Wednesday posts won’t always feature tiger-themed items. :P

I was poking around the Collectibles section, and discovered this weird and/or wonderful gem:

Vintage pin-up playing card set:
pin-up playing card set
pin-up playing cards

Asking: $80
Condition: Mint, unopened (from 1946!)
Dimensions: N/A
Location: DC
Thoughts: While I would have absolutely no idea what to do with these, they’re so fun I had to share. They’d be a good conversation starter, if nothing else. The cards were illustrated by Mac Therson, whom I’ve learned was a famous illustrator in the pin-up era. Both packages are sealed and, presumably, like new. I admit that I do like the illustrations themselves, but I’m even more drawn in by the cheeky quips on the box and cards. The inside of the box reads “I like a game / Where stakes are high / And I can take / The other guy / For all he’s worth / (Within the law) / And play it straight / Win, lose or draw!” That parenthetical is especially charming. The jokers read “Poker really makes me blush, / I never get it straight. / I couldn’t even draw a flush / With all I had at stake.”

Check it out. No longer available.

Every Wednesday I hope to post one weird and/or wonderful CL find. Up first is an item that is both weird and wonderful…

Tibetan tiger rug:
tibetan tiger rug
Asking: $650
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 32″ by 69″
Location: NW DC
Thoughts: I don’t think I’m fierce enough to pull this guy off, but I can totally see him in an Elle Decor spread. Even if you can’t imagine him in your living room or bedroom, can’t you see him working in a really cool nursery?

Check it out. No longer available.