Truth be told, I wasn’t thrilled with yesterday’s “Like this? Do this …” post. I love B&Bs, but I’m not usually uber impressed with their aesthetic. But you know what do have awesome style? Boutique hotels. Like the Viceroy Palm Springs:

[Both images found here.]

Recreating this look will take a little work, but will be well-worth your effort. First, paint all your walls, trim and moldings a really bright white. Then…

Paint the frames of these vintage yellow-gold velvet chairs high-gloss black … or maybe white, your choice ($160 for the pair Update: No longer listed.):

Put out this amazing black settee/sofa as is ($1995):

Throw in a black and white houndstooth bench for some additional seating ($75 Update: no longer listed):

Paint this side table glossy white so you have a place to put your drink ($30 Update: No longer listed.)

While you’re at it, repaint this coffee table glossy white too ($20 Update: No longer listed):

(Is it just me, or are coffee tables the single hardest pieces of furniture to shop for? I can never tell if I really like them …)

Include a couple of crazy parrot lamps, spray painted glossy white and with new black shades ($40 for the pair):

Hang a set of silouette plates as art ($20):

You’ll have to move beyond CL for some finishing touches–it needs a hint more yellow, for sure–but this is a good start.

*The CL pics are all linked to their postings.