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This one’s wonderfully weird, I think!

Astrological signs bar cart:
Astrological signs bar cart
astrological signs bar card detail
Asking: $160
Condition: Not described
Dimensions: 32″ W x 27″ H x 24″ D
Location: Great Falls, VA
Thoughts: Wouldn’t you love to know the backstory of this piece (“Made in Italy” btw)? Who was its first owner? Were they just really into astrology? Were they charmed by the “brilliant colors” and “artful nudity”? What kind of crazy parties were stocked with liquor from its caddies? If only bar carts could talk…

Check it out. No longer available

My immediate needs are a desk and a coffee table. I’d also really like a new couch. Those are the three things I’m allowing myself to shop for right now. Unfortunately, I’m not having any luck yet. Also unfortunately, I keep finding myself distracted by cool things that aren’t on that list. Like these:

1960s bar cart:

Asking: $340 [No longer available]
Condition: Not described; looks fine in the photo, but it’s hard to tell.
Dimensions: 31″ high, 18.25″ deep,  28.5″ wide
Location: Somewhere in DC
Thoughts: Overpriced, thank goodness–otherwise I might have broken my rules and gone for it.

Check it out.

Round, eagle mirror:

Asking: $80 [No longer available]
Condition: Nice patina (that means it has imperfections, but it’s old, so it should)
Dimensions: 20″ in diameter, not counting the eagle
Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: I like it. I don’t need it at all, but I like it a lot. (On second thought, maybe I do need it …)

Check it out.

A long, fun weekend means I’m not really prepared for you this morning. So here’s a random collection of things I found for under fifty bucks. Actually, they’re all $40 even. Enjoy without breaking the bank!

Oval mirror:

Asking: $40
Condition: Looks good; no mention of cracks
Dimensions: 33.5″ by 24.5″
Location: Capitol Hill, DC
Thoughts: I expect this will be gone within the next day or two.

Check it out.

Bamboo bar cart:

Asking: $40
Condition: Not described; looks fine
Dimensions: Not provided
Location: Oxon Hill, MD
Thoughts: Spray paint this glossy black, white or pretty much any fun color.

Check it out.

Ceramic dolphin table:

Asking: $40 (for both tables actually, but I’m focusing on the front one in the picture)
Condition: Not described; looks fine
Dimensions: 45″ long, 22″ wide, 15″ high (The base is 27″ from the tips of the dolphins’ noses to their tails.)
Location: Dale City, VA
Thoughts: How can you look at that and not smile? I really have no idea what kind of space this could work in–if any space at all–but for $40, it’s worth some experimentation.

Check it out.

Brass tea cart:

Asking: $400 (way too high, imho) [No longer available]
Condition: Excellent
Location: McLean, VA
Thoughts: It’s so feminine and dainty! What girly-girl wouldn’t love this? And yet it would work just as well if you cut the femininity in half by filling it with your favorite bar items (assuming your favorite bar items aren’t limited to the various flavored Smirnoffs).

Check it out.

Hollywood Regency cabinet:

Asking: $295 (not a steal, but not unfair) [No longer available]
Condition: Very good, but I’d consider replacing the knobs with something more distinctive
Location: Friendship Heights NW, DC
Thoughts: The round shape and circle motif make this a feminine piece, but the walnut finish keeps in from being over-the-top. Also, note that the top is marble. Pretty snazzy, methinks.

Check it out.

Floral oil painting:

Asking: $75 (they don’t give the dimensions but do say it’s “BIG,” and if that’s true, it’s a good deal for an original framed painting) [No longer available]
Condition: Don’t see any problems
Location: Alexandria, VA
Thoughts: This could go Golden Girls really easily. But I think it could possibly be cool if the rest of your choices are more modern than grandma chic. And if you steer clear of peach and sea foam green. Thoughts?

Check it out.

Brass & teak serving cart:

Asking: $60 (reasonable) [No longer available]
Condition: Pretty good; faint ring on one tray
Location: Arlington, VA
Thoughts: Would make a stylish bar cart, despite its lack of wheels. Could also be a bedside table or side table, obv.

Check it out.

Pair of faux bamboo nightstands:

Asking: $350 each (way high) [No longer available]
Condition: Adorable, from what I can tell
Location: Potomac, MD
Thoughts: Great punch of color. Bamboo detailing is totally charming.

Check ’em out.

Campaign-style desk & chair:

Asking: $75 (deal) [No longer available]
Condition: Desk is in “like-new” condition; chair seat is sagging
Location: Chantilly, VA
Thoughts: I don’t love the blonde wood, personally, but they claim the desk is solid wood (not wicker), so I’m thinking you could refinish it. The detail has potential and campaign-style furniture is hot right now. I’m totally ambivalent about the chair.

Check ’em out.